You did great.

Nadeem didn't understand.


I am who I am.

Space was here first.

I like working with you.

Bruce sometimes rips off his customers.

Is it large enough?

The children were rolling a big snowball.

He bought some chocolate for her.

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What's the minimum salary in Russia?

Luis was sitting cross-legged on the floor.

Gilles used to play tennis, but he doesn't anymore.

I'm made from recycled plastic. Please reuse or recycle me!

Matthew picked up his mail.

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Look for the key to this trunk, Anne.


Why don't I just go talk to Doyle?


Wish me luck, I will need it.

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I think that they were all fired.

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Nothing could have prepared us for what was about to happen.

I'm sure that's what Mohammad would've wanted.

Srikanth went to the beauty salon to get a manicure.


Frederic taught his dog some tricks.

They used to be sweethearts back in high school.

Arabic is a very important language.


Is he just a one-trick pony?

One of these two answers is right.

He chipped the edge of the tea cup.

She collected coffee cups.

I hate myself for hating them.


That's all in the past.

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Stop worrying about it.

Our trip lasted a long time.

I would still like to hear Spock's opinion before coming to a conclusion.

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He does not believe in any faith.


Everyone is asking me how is to be colorblind.

Kolkka is the only one who doesn't look tired.

What's your favorite TV commercial?

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The gift card read: "To my darling wife, Happy Anniversary! Love, Saiid."

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You can count on Jack.

He and I are cousins.

I can't understand why.

Where's the nearest telephone booth?

You have too much to do.

This morning I got up an hour earlier than usual.

It was a manifest error of judgement.

Where was that?

Losing one's health is worse than losing money.

What's your favorite small town in the United States?

Welcome to the magical world of Narnia.

Our school is near a park.

Nature is the only book that offers important content on every page.

Why does Delbert want to talk to me?

I believe it will snow tomorrow.


From now on, we'll meet in this room.


Please get out.

I thought you stopped dating him.

She is on the radio.

His condition will soon change for the better.

Juha was too drunk to drive home.

Brian saw a snake.

It'll have to wait until tomorrow.

I took my temperature, but it was normal.

You went to bed at 2 o'clock in the morning? No wonder you look sleepy today.


The movie starts.


Chuck Norris was born in the house he built.


What made you so dissatisfied?


Tomorrow morning, wake me up at 6:00, please.

He's jealous and irrational.

Hank said that he wanted to forget her.

I didn't want to hurt you.

Of all the languages I've studied, French was the most difficult.

I know that better than anyone.

You left your clothes there on the floor again! Put them away properly!


Can we talk with them?

It is true that he has a good fast ball, but he is often wild.

That song speaks to me.


Who looks foolish now?

She soon forgot about the poor frog.

He didn't intervene? But why?

They say he's very rich.

Every planet, except for Earth, was named for an ancient Roman god or goddess.


Tai asked Teri some questions, but she didn't answer any of them.

I'm glad you're here today.

Is anyone here a doctor?

I am looking for accommodation.

In Hokkaido, they make horses of straw.

There's something I want to check.

Loren suppressed a smile.


This isn't all we have.

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His house stands by a lot of tall buildings.

I'm almost done with the report.

He relented.

Had it not been for your cooperation, I could not have finished the work in time.

I wish I knew her name.

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I'm going to turn her in.

The fans watched him kick the ball into the goal.

He was a mediator.

All my life I've wanted to meet someone like me.

No one's going to buy your story.


His research ranks with the best of the kind.


I'm not in a rush.


Nobody likes me; everybody hates me; I guess I'll go eat worms.

Italians eat pasta.

Takuya told me to start at once.

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I've asked him to help you.

I'm flabbergasted.

He had no part in the scandal.

The exhibition will be held next month.

Guess what I've got.

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That went very well.

I like her the best.

He knows nothing about politics.

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She sang a song.

Angus has a sister.

I don't go downtown.

You didn't tell me Perry was living with you.

Turn off the light before you go to bed.


Are you suggesting Jerrie was murdered?

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Spock asked me what the problem was.


Claude wants to come over after work.

The students are on holiday.

This meat kind of tastes like chicken.

I can take care of you.

Many are lost sheep at times.


We don't want him to get hurt.

Over 100 tons of dust and sand-sized particles bombard the earth every day from space, most of which goes unnoticed.

Doyle and Harry exchanged numbers at the party.

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I congratulated him on his success.


I am Bruno.


I have complete confidence in Benjamin.

You're digging your own grave, Triantaphyllos.

Students of English often mix up the words 'lie' and 'lay'.


He fell asleep while reading the newspaper.

A strange man came up to us.

What did you do yesterday?

Roberto will be eligible for parole next year.

He will advise you on that matter.

She recognized him at once as the stranger in her dream.

This is all happening so fast.

Since the death of her husband, Cristina has suffered a lot.

You can't give yourself a nickname.


Three offices on this floor are empty.

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He read the entire Old Testament in one year.


I'm not sure why.

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The government appointed Mr Brown ambassador to Peru.

Do not use this apparatus near water.

Thirteen were killed.

Now I agree with you.

Harry left his family 200 million yen when he died.

My father gave up smoking last year.

Erick seems reluctant to leave.

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Haven't I paid you enough?

Cristopher wasn't very encouraging.

Sometimes it feels like the only thing I do is work.